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GeersSullivan turns 15 – thank you

Posted on April 19, 2018 by Andrew Sullivan

On the 31st of March this year, GeersSullivan turned 15.   

When we started we simply wanted to work every day with great people… people who we liked and admired – both clients and team members.  15 years later I can say that all of us at GeersSullivan have been lucky enough for that to have happened. 

It’s the loyalty and support of our clients, our Team and our family and friends that has allowed GeersSullivan to thrive for 15 years, and why we look forward to the future and many, many more successful years ahead.  Our business has been fortunate enough to grow over the years, through referrals from our amazing clients.  We never forget this and we appreciate all referrals you have given us and any that you may give in the future.  We simply can’t thank you enough for your past support and your ongoing support.  We value your loyalty – it means everything to us. 

Please know that our office is open to all of our clients at any time.  We encourage everyone to make use of all of our new facilities.  If you need or just want to meet away from your own office please feel free to make use of our meeting and board rooms.  If you need our help with anything, don’t hesitate to call or stop by, or even if you are just in the area and have some time to spare – stop in and have a coffee. 

Thank you 

Andrew, Chris and Ashley 

GS 15th Birthday Celebration

Posted on April 18, 2018 by Patricia Nicole

On Friday the 6th of April, our staff participated in the GeersSullivan Amazing Race through the city to welcome in the firm’s 15th birthday.

It was a very competitive team building event with the overall winners of the day being Team ‘Back to the Futrli’ consisting of Chris, Vicky, Piera-Lee, Josh and Ida, and was concluded by a celebratory lunch at Prince Lane.

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