Acton Rockingham and Baldivis

Business Type: Real Estate Agent Client Since: 2005

We’ve been right alongside the owners as they’ve grown their real estate business from a two person partnership to a 25-strong team.

When the daily commute to Rockingham became too much for Scott, we helped him transition out of the business and begin working on new projects.


Roger and Scott initially approached Chris in 2005 to do a valuation and due dilligence on a local real estate agency they were considering buying. The numbers made sense and they went ahead, with Chris handling the ASIC secretarial work to move the transfer along without a hitch. In 2006 the Perth property boom hit, enabling Roger and Scott to grow the business rapidly. All throughout this process, Chris provided periodic reporting and analysis and discussion of business metrics, managing the expansion and looking at what effects the commitments in leasing and staff numbers had on the business. This level of collaboration meant the partners could pursue their goals without stretching themselves too far.

In time, Scott decided he wanted to pursue other projects and together we began working on a succession plan that would provide a fair outcome for both owners.

Our Approach

Chris’ longtime relationship and regular communication with Roger and Scott meant that the conversation around succession happened naturally and in the course of their meetings. This allowed Chris to develop a plan more efficiently than if they had been a brand new client without the benefit of history and assured compliance.


A considered and carefully structured succession plan allowed Roger to buy out Scott’s share of the company and Scott to exit with a handsome return on his investment—with minimal tax implications for both. Roger took over the reins with his wife Melinda, continuing to grow the business and establishing a second office in Baldivis in 2013. They now have over 25 staff and Chris continues to work closely with the business.

“My decision to work with Chris was the best business decision I ever made” Roger Moorhouse

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