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Better insights begin with better reporting.

Even with the massive amount of information that modern accounting and business software can track, their usefulness relies on entering the right data in and drawing understandable information out. When we talk about business management platforms (or ERP software) and bespoke reporting, our question is essentially this:

What information is going to help you sleep better?

You don’t want a mountain of detailed reports—you want exactly the things that matter to you and nothing else. As part of our Business Advisory services, we can give you information in practical terms, not just a series of numbers on lines. You might not even need to change your software—it could simply be a case of using it differently. We’ll help you and your team get the most out of your current platform and give you options if you outgrow it. Depending on the sophistication and reporting requirements of your business, this could be a Xero, Triumph, Sage, MYOB EXO, SAP or Oracle solution.

Case Study

Red Dirt Personnel Group

We’re proud of the longevity of our business relationship with Red Dirt Personnel Group (Red Dirt), and Greg and Lesley Hobbs. GeersSullivan has worked alongside Red Dirt from when it first launched and it’s been…

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Case Study

Perth Gourmet Trader

GeersSullivan has helped Jonathan and Kirstie Kemble to grow their wholesale business and pursue exciting new opportunities. Recently opening two retail outlets at the newly developed Yagan Square, Perth Gourmet Trader has joined the vibrancy…

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