Aardent Dental Centre

Business Type: Dentist Client Since: 2013

Over the years, GeersSullivan has assisted Dr Richard Williams to become full owner of Aardent Dental Centre, purchase its premises within a self-managed super fund and restructure the business entities to be more tax-effective.

It has been very rewarding to help Richard achieve his goals.


Established over 30 years ago, Aardent Dental Centre is based in Victoria Park. The name comes from the word ‘ardent’, signifying the team’s passion for helping to improve the oral health of people in their community.

Having previously worked with Director Chris Grieve, GeersSullivan was approached by owner Richard in 2013. His mentor and business partner was retiring and Richard wanted to buy the remaining half of Aardent Dental Centre. It was in his best interest to engage a separate accountant and we have been Richard’s accountant ever since.

Our Approach

As well as acquiring the outgoing partner’s 50% ownership of Aardent Dental Centre, the transaction also involved purchasing the commercial property that Aardent Dental Centre operates out of, which Richard’s business partner solely owned.

GeersSullivan helped Richard to set up a self-managed super fund to purchase the property while also simplifying the business’ accounting structure by rolling the two partnerships into a single entity; transferring employee contracts and entitlements and so on. We also transferred Aardent Dental Centre across to Xero’s cloud-based accounting software in conjunction with his internal bookkeeper.

With many years of experience helping in the purchase of sale and businesses, GeersSullivan really understands the logistical details and can advise on what needs to happen – everything from transferring the trading name to dividing up assets and even printing new business cards.

GeersSullivan continues assisting Aardent Dental Centre with their ongoing bookkeeping, superannuation and GST compliance, end-of-year financials, taxation planning and generally being responsive to the issues that arise from time to time with any small business.

Additionally, GeersSullivan has helped Richard to restructure the entities that Aardent Dental Centre operates out of, with the long-term view of accessing previously unutilised deductions and improving the overall tax position of the business and the family trust.


Since 2013 we have helped Richard and Aardent Dental Centre to:

  • Smoothly transition business ownership while simplifying the business structure
  • Purchase the Aardent Dental Centre premises within the self-managed super fund, which represents a good financial investment and more favourable tax environment
  • Reduce Richard’s tax liability by restructuring the business entities more effectively
  • Transfer to Xero’s cloud-based accounting software, which offers greater, real-time financial insight
  • Proactively plan towards further wealth creation and Richard’s long-term retirement

“GeersSullivan has helped to refocus what needs to be done on the financial side of things. We work really well together and Chris and the team are always so contactable. GeersSullivan really know the rules and regulations and are prepared to think outside the box to figure out effective solutions. I feel really supported.” Dr Richard Williams

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