Succession Planning

Exit your business on your terms.

Building a successful business can take a lifetime. Whether you are aiming to sell and realise the capital value of your business or hand it over to the next generation, doing it on your terms takes careful planning and execution.

When selling, sometimes the highest offer isn’t the best offer. As with everything we do, understanding where you are and where you want to be informs the approach we take. You also want to ensure that you’re comfortable with whoever takes it over. After all—it’s your legacy.

GeersSullivan can guide you through the process by:

  • Asking you the right questions about your exit goals
  • Helping you create a plan
  • Creating the right systems and processes in your business to increase its value
  • Helping you select the right people to take over your business
  • If your successor is a family member, helping with any necessary training to allow them to “take the reins”
  • Ensuring that the deal is structured to minimise your tax (in some cases to nil)
  • Assisting you to adjust personally after exiting your business

We’re intimately involved in every step of your succession plan, helping you understand and maximise the exit value in a suitable timeframe and assisting you with the transition to the next phase of your life.

Case Study

RM Surveys

We developed a tailored strategy to allow the company founders to exit through a gradual management buyout. Background Our relationship with RM Surveys began as an independent company accountant. (Both owners have their own personal accountants.) In addition…

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Case Study

WDM Drill Maintenance & Compliance Pty Ltd

WDM Drill Maintenance & Compliance (WDM) is an engineering service provider of drill rigs and equipment within the national mining and resource industries. GeersSullivan helped the three founders set up the business in 2019. It…

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