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Trip to Kununurra

Posted on October 25, 2019 by Chris Grieve

Once again Chris and Tom headed up to the Kimberley region to visit their clients in our beautiful north as well as attend the Annual General Meeting of the Kimberley Aboriginal Law & Culture Centre (KALACC).

Prior to heading out to the AGM, they made a quick stop in Broome to visit a client who operates a newly established health and safety risk operation and organise a quick meeting with another Broome local who wanted assistance with purchasing a commercial property using borrowings inside their Self-Managed Superfund.

Then it was a quick flight over to Kununurra where a very busy schedule awaited them. After a two hour drive they were greeted at the beautiful Home Valley Station with a traditional smoking ceremony. The following day they attended the KALACC AGM at which Tom presented a summary of the financial year results to the board, the members and various stakeholders. The drive back to Kununurra was extended when they had to stop and change a tyre on the Gibb River Road. It is understood that like a true leader Chris pulled rank and “kept a lookout” whilst Tom did all the dirty work under the car. Throughout the following day Chris and Tom presented two seminars to the local business community on Single Touch Payroll and How To Use Your Financial Information to Improve Your Business Performance.

In keeping with the theme of delays in travel the flight home had to make an extra stop in Newman to refuel meaning a late night getting back to Perth.

Thank you to all our clients in the Kimberley region for your ongoing support and your hospitality. We feel privileged to have the opportunity to see such an amazing part of our state and look forward to seeing you again soon.


Posted on November 22, 2017 by Chris Grieve

On the 12th and 13th of September the management team at GeersSullivan attended the annual two day Xerocon event at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

Since its introduction the accounting software package Xero has challenged the status quo in the accounting industry and forced it to reconsider the way in which we approach our work. GeersSullivan fully embraced this when we successfully transferred our internal practice management system from MYOB AE to Xero Practice Management. With any significant change in an organisation it was not without its challenges, however through good planning and the buy in of our amazing team we are now utilising the Xero Practise Management environment to its full potential. This has resulted in the following benefits:

  • A smaller carbon footprint as we further reduce our use of paper as we fully utilise the paperless office system
  • Mobility of accountants as all client data is securely accessible remotely allowing us to work effectively anywhere in the world without taking files
  • Automation of certain data entry aspects
  • Allowing us to provide end to end services effectively taking on bookkeeping duties right through to periodic advisory using real time figures

The above benefits are not limited to us, they can also be achieved in your business. Xero is a cloud based accounting software package that, amongst other things allows efficiency of data entry and ease of access for advisors.

Over 3000 advisors attended the annual conference which in addition to using the software itself included presentations on:

  • Running a business in the age of machines
  • Working with apps
  • Cloud security
  • Machine learning and Artificial intelligence
  • Building positive workplaces

The conference also included a number of exhibitors promoting specialised software that integrates with a client’s internal software providing more powerful and/or industry specific software. These included:

  • Boma – an application that generates marketing material that can be easily disseminated across a variety of multi-media platforms
  • Futrli – an application that allows tailored key data reporting and graphical display of clients results
  • Fathom – which is a reporting and financial analysis tool.
  • Jet Convert – allows clients to easily migrate their existing data to the Xero platform
  • Receipt Bank – an app which scans receipts from suppliers and automatically pre populates the details into Xero
  • Tanda – Cloud workforce management application

The conference also provided an invaluable opportunity to discuss with our peers issues relating to the use of the software and best practise (without giving away our trade secrets to local competitors!).

If you would like to free up valuable time and money by having your bookkeeping much more automated call us today.

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