How do you size up as a Leader?

Posted on 27th February 2013 by Christabelle Harris

An experience to share

It is the dark of the early morning, no sun, no wind, no movement on the water, complete stillness. The chatter subsides, the feet clip in, as one unit we begin to glide through the stillness of the morning. Each pedals pushing harder than the next, a shortness of breath as the speed builds with the rising of the sun. It is the morning of a brand new day which you have just completed 32km on the bike, what an achievement by 6.00am !

In today’s increasingly obese society, have you ever considered the impact this may have on your workforce or more importantly, on you as a leader ?

As published in a recent article by the University of South Australia, a fit leader can be a better leader, and here are five reasons why:

  1. Energy and Productivity – a regular exercise routine will give you more energy. Being the leader is tough enough, make sure you have the energy to face challenges effectively and efficiently.
  2. Confidence and Creativity – some of the best ideas come directly after exercise. Studies show that our cogitative ability increases with moderate levels of exercise. A fit leader will have more confidence and be able to think and solve problems more creatively.
  3. Facing Challenges – people in high pressure roles face challenges every day. Pushing yourself through an exercise routine provides you with a sense of achievement. As a leader you will be able to face tough challenges every day while maintaining mental focus on priorities.
  4. Mental Wellness – Exercise is one of the best ways to manage stress because it boosts your brain’s “feel-good” neurotransmitters called endorphins. Also, by solely focusing on your body’s motions for a period of time, you focus less on the day’s stress, at least for a while. Let’s not take the smart phone !
  5. Influence – It is widely believed that healthy employees are happy employees. A fit workforce is also less likely to get sick. This, of course, takes us back to leading by example. You can’t expect to foster a culture of fitness unless you, as the leader, are physically fit and promote overall wellness.

Many top CEOs are known for keeping to rigorous fitness regimens, despite the demands of their job. Some even go so far as to compete in ironman triathlons in their spare time.

As a business leader what are you currently doing to ensure a happy, healthy, and productive workforce, not only for you but your team?

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