Kununurra Visit

Posted on 16th April 2015 by Chris Grieve



Each year both Jay and Chris look forward to heading to the East Kimberley region to visit clients and (if the opportunity presents itself) see some of the local tourist attractions. They consider themselves very fortunate to have a number of long standing clients in the town of Kununurra.

After a busy schedule over three days, a very generous client offered to take the two city slickers out fishing for some local Barramundi.  We are sure the locals found it amusing as Jay and Chris marvelled at the breathtaking beauty of the region and giggled like young children as they pulled in a Barra. A quick trip out to Lake Argyle was also a highlight and highly recommended should you get the chance to visit the region.

To all our clients in Kununurra who are fortunate enough to have such natural beauty on their doorstep we thank you for your ongoing support, your hospitality and look forward to seeing you all again soon.


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