How to Apply for the JobKeeper Program

Posted on 15th April 2020 by Ashley Dawson

Following the passing of the legislation for the Federal Governments JobKeeper assistance package, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has now released guidance on the application process for employers.

There are a number of steps that need to be taken that involve the assessing of eligibility, notifying employees, enrolling with the ATO and ensuring payroll is processed in accordance with eligibility requirements. We’ve provided a guide below as to the steps involved:

1. Check if you as the employer meet the eligibility requirements here

2. Check if your employees meet the eligibility requirements here

3. Notify eligible employees that you (their employer) intend to participate in the JobKeeper scheme

4. Confirm with eligible employees that they agree to you being the primary employer to receive JobKeeper Payments and send the nominated employees the JobKeeper Employee Nomination Notice to complete and return to you

5. Pay the minimum $1,500 to each eligible employee per JobKeeper fortnight. The first fortnight starts on 30 March and ends on 12 April. Alternatively, you can make one combined payment of $3,000 for the first two fortnights paid by the end of April 2020

6. Enrol for JobKeeper from 20 April using the Business Portal and authenticate with myGovID

7. Lodge employee payment details for eligible employees via Single Touch Payroll (STP) or through the Business Portal

8. Lodge monthly JobKeeper Declaration Report including reconfirmation of eligible employees, current and projected turnover

Should you require any assistance in applying for JobKeeper, including the assessment of eligibility at the employer or employee level, please contact our office. It is important to note that the above program is intended to support active businesses only and is subject to ATO integrity rules, including ensuring that both employers and employees do in fact meet the eligibility requirements. In the event that these tests are failed the ATO has powers to claw back any payments made and penalties and interest may apply.

We are here to help

Trying to think of everything you need to do keep your team and customers safe and healthy right now as well as run your business is tough.

We will continue to keep you informed of all government stimulus and other measures and how they apply to your business and are here at any time of the day to give you advice on your business continuity plans and cashflow.

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We are here for you and together we will all get through this.
We will all come out the other side with more resilience, more compassion and more empathy.  Until we do, please look out for each other.

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