GPS Log Book

Posted on 9th December 2014 by Christabelle Harris

As the Fringe Benefits Tax (“FBT”) liability continues to increase for employer provided cars, maintaining a log book has been proven to be the best way to reduce the FBT liability.

Traditionally employees need to maintain a detailed 12 week log book which can be time consuming and inaccurate. Now there is ATO approved software that can make your life easier and help cut out the hassle of traditional log books.

GPS Log Book is your automatic trip recorder. Simply plug into the power outlet of your vehicle, it immediately begins logging every trip without any set-up or configuration. It downloads all your trips to the online data base and you can use the reports as and when you need them.

The GPS Log Book Benefits:

  • Automatically generates ATO approved Tax Log Books
  • High sensitivity GPS device to track vehicle usage
  • Synchronises with the web software via USB
  • View trips on the web using Google Maps
  • Report on sales visits, driving activity and more
  • Charges your USB device, SmartPhone or iPhone

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