2014 GeersSullivan christmas party

Posted on 5th March 2015 by Chris Grieve

Where does the time go!?!?

Although now a distant memory, the teams from GeersSullivan and Lexington Financial Services gathered to reflect on the year and celebrate the end of another calendar year. After breakfast in the board room prepared by our hard working Social Club, we attended to the last few outstanding matters and headed to Must Wine Bar in Mt Lawley. After a long lazy lunch and a few Christmas games the team moved on to the Brisbane Hotel to see out the day. A great time was had by all.

One notable absentee this year was Andrew Sullivan who missed the Christmas party for the very first time since cofounding the practice in 2003. Andrew and his family took the opportunity over the Christmas holiday period to go to Disneyland – although Andrew used his kids as the reason to go we all know that he has always wanted to go himself and unleash his inner child.

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