Vicky Gavalas

Finance Manager
0402 854 047

Vicky has an eye for detail and looks after the financials and day-to-day running of GeersSullivan. She joined our team in March 2015.


What does your day typically involve?

Assisting the Directors with the operation of the business so they can concentrate on our clients. It’s a varied role – it can be anything to do with debtor control, creditors, new supplier contracts, staff management, cost analysis for new financial software packages and so on. I’m often involved in special projects. I enjoy the different challenges that each day brings in my role.

What are some of your highlights from your work here?

Being a part of the design and construction team and leading the move to our new West Perth office was exciting. Amazingly, during our collaboration sessions for our ideas around the new space, we were all on the same page about the aesthetic, from the open feel and colour scheme right down to which chairs went into our reception area!

What do you like about working at GeersSullivan?

I love the team and culture – we spend a lot of time on making sure GeersSullivan is THE place to work. The Directors are great mentors, role models and really value their staff.

We have clients from all walks of life across the state – corporations, family business, sole traders and so on. I love asking questions and learning new things about each of their industries and how they operate.

What do you do outside of the office?

I’ve got three young children so we do a lot of outdoor activities such as four-wheel-driving, going to the beach and playing lots of sport. My two boys play soccer as part of the National Premier League, which is a daily commitment. Between school and sport, there’s always something to do with the kids! We also have a new puppy, Athena the Cavoodle, who is my daughter’s new best friend.

Do you have any favourite movies or TV shows?

My favourite TV show at the moment is Firefly Lane, which is about two friends growing up together and where life has taken them. I can’t wait for the next season.

Do you have any skills people might be surprised about?

I like interior design projects and gardening, when I get the chance. I’m quite creative when it comes to my home and garden. I like painting and redo my bedroom every year. It’s very therapeutic!

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