Chris Grieve

Director (CPA)
0417 967 539

Chris brings his background in the banking and property sectors to complement his accounting and business strategy skills. In addition to being part of more success stories, he’d like to play golf more often.

What do you love about the business most?

I could listen to people talking about their businesses all day. It inspires me to speak with other business owners and hear stories of how they went out on their own and overcame adversity to grow something from an idea into a successful operation.

What are some of the highlights from your work here?

Part of my role here is overseeing our Human Resources. Although I don’t want to sound cliché I enjoy seeing young people coming out of Uni, training them and developing them into competent advisors.

Recently I’ve been working with some Indigenous Corporations, which has given me the opportunity to see more of Western Australia and meet some amazing people doing amazing (and thankless) things.

Favourite movie or TV show?

Most of my TV watching involves sport…I really look forward to the AFL at the weekends. I also enjoy soccer, rugby union, golf and the Tour de France. I have two kids so I find—sadly—that I don’t have charge of the TV remote anymore,

Favourite book?

I really like reading to my kids each night and revisiting the books I enjoyed as a child.

What does your day typically involve?

It’s funny…accounting has a reputation for being mundane and boring but that’s far from the truth. The reality of my day is it can throw anything at me. I can come in and have to deal with an issue relating to our premises or our staff then receive a call from a dentist, farmer, engineer, property developer, the tax office, or a not-for-profit organisation and each have a unique issue that needs addressing. It keeps you on your toes and challenged!

What are the best kinds of clients for you?

It’s not really about size or complexity, it’s about the people. People who want to work with me, who will listen to my advice and utilise it. It’s very rewarding to work with ambitious people who value what I do and want me—and GeersSullivan—as part of their story.

Favourite food?

Any chocolate…Maltesers are my favourite. I am pretty adventurous and will try almost anything. I once ate Century Egg in Hong Kong. I wouldn’t recommend it but it’s fun trying exotic stuff especially when travelling. I don’t mind cooking but my wife is much more accomplished in that area.

Do you have any skills or party tricks that people might be surprised about?

Although I can’t read music I can play guitar pretty well and can teach myself most songs. I have been known to sing a few songs at parties and once had aspirations to be a rock god. I used to play in a band with a few friends back in my Uni days and I would love to revive this. It would be great because now we can afford to buy some decent equipment!

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