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Posted on November 22, 2019 by Patricia Nicole

Scan, log and send receipts to us via the built in Receipt Manager tool in our App.

It’s an effective way to collect your receipts on the go digitally, and be able to manage and categorise them, all in-App.

Simply take a picture of receipts with the camera on a mobile or tablet, categorise, fill in the expense category form and you now have a digital copy of your receipt.

You have the ability to categorise saved receipts by sections such as Cost of Goods Purchased, Staff Costs, Motor Expenses, Phone Charges, Professional Fees, Financial Charges and more.

Then, add notes to accompany the receipt, and choose the correct payment method, such as whether it was a business or a personal credit/debit card, bank transfer, personal cash or company cash.

From there, you can export them directly to us ready for preparing returns. As your accountant, we want you to stay compliant, informed and tax efficient, and this tool will help you in all aspects of expenditure within your day-to-day business life.

Head straight to the Receipt Manager Section on our App and start logging your receipts to create digital copies.

Click this link to download our App

GS App

Posted on October 25, 2019 by Patricia Nicole

In our App we have provided you with a suite of key tax rates directly at your fingertips to help save you time and money. These rates are fully maintained for you, updated with each financial year, providing added value as part of our ongoing service and ensuring you can access the important rates that affect you with ease.

They include a host of different tax rates and thresholds, including:

  • Company tax rates
  • Income for medicare levy surcharge, thresholds and rates
  • Tax rates (Non-resident Individuals)
  • Individual Tax Rates – Minors
  • Resident Tax Rates – Individual

They can be used to either gain advice or as a helpful reference point ahead of any proposed meetings you’d like to schedule with us around your specific circumstance.

We’ve provided these rates for you to check on-the-go; anytime, anywhere, and will keep you up-to-date on the latest tax and finance updates that affect you.

Check out our suite of tax tables.

Click on this link to download our App.

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