Allclean Property Services Plus

Business Type: Commercial Cleaning Client Since: 2003

GeersSullivan first helped ALLclean Property Services Plus (P.S.P) through a transferral of business ownership in 2003 from founders Murray and Deirdre to their son Tony and daughter in law Rhonda.

Since then, we have seen the business grow and thrive into a team of over 200, and it’s our pleasure to have been part of this journey.


ALLclean P.S.P is a second generation family business that specialises in commercial cleaning. Run by Tony and Rhonda Russell, ALLclean P.S.P has been a client of GeersSullivan since Tony took over the business from his father, Murray, and mother, Deirdre, back in 2003. This makes ALLclean P.S.P one of our longest standing clients – a fact GeersSullivan is very appreciative and proud of.

Murray and Deirdre Russell started the business in 1973 as a two-person operation. Over the years ALLclean P.S.P has grown to meet a steady increase in clientele, to 110 employees in 2003 and nowadays a team of over 200 people.

Amongst ALLclean P.S.P’s clientele are Wesfarmers, Stratco, Toyota, Perth Children’s Hospital and the WA Education Department.

Our Approach

Over the years, we have supported ALLclean P.S.P in a variety of accounting areas, including transferral of business ownership, ongoing tax compliance, cash flow advice, resource planning, business acquisitions, general tax planning and so on.

ALLclean P.S.P’s steady growth into its current 200-strong team means that it’s a far more complex operation than when it first started. As such, the comprehensiveness of our assistance and input has grown alongside the business.

We’re also very responsive to whatever Tony and Rhonda need. As well as keeping them up-to-date with the latest accounting information and how best to ensure compliance as the business grows, GeersSullivan has provided further support with Human Resources, staffing issues and determining pricing strategies for specific tenders.

For example, the cleaning industry includes nine on-costs in addition to labour. Therefore, there’s a lot to consider when costing tenders in order to stay competitive in the marketplace while still being profitable. Our Associate Director, Ashley Dawson, sat with the ALLclean P.S.P team to help refine their pricing strategies to better reflect this margin.

We’ve even helped the extended family with financial and estate planning. This breadth of assistance demonstrates the rapport we’ve built with Tony and Rhonda and the extended Russell family over the years.


Since 2003, GeersSullivan has helped ALLclean P.S.P with:

  • Transitioning ownership from Murray and Deirdre Russell to Tony and Rhonda Russell
  • Creating strategies for dealing with any accounting issues as they arise and bolstering general knowledge of the financial landscape
  • Restructuring the two arms of the business – ALLcool Windows Films and ALLclean P.S.P – as two separate business entities (with ALLcool Window Films also being our client)
  • Determining pricing strategies for tenders that are both competitive and profitable
  • Ensuring more efficient cash flow within the business
  • Offering ongoing accounting and general business advice as needed

“It’s good to know that there’s an accounting firm that’s solid and can handle all of our requirements. GeersSullivan gives us surety in the knowledge that if we do have an accounting issue they will give us the right advice. They’re extremely competent and helpful people.” – Tony Russell, Managing Director

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